Hey there.

Well, I was hoping to have this ready today, but we have a big problem with the site’s email for most of the week and had to get that fixed. I kind of need email if I’m going to make any offers. My plan, which is under way, is to offer for a limited time, a package that includes one printed, signed and sketched in copy of Bearmageddon for less than the price you pay on Amazon (which ain’t saying much because it is so dang expensive). I’ll have another option too, if you want a real commission and want to spend a little more. I’ll keep the offer posted for a few weeks, then fill all the orders and send them out.

Speaking of orders, some of you who ordered Bearicatures like, 4 years ago now was it? (sheesh), well, I’m finally reaching parts of the comic where other humans will be showing up, so I’ve started filling some of those long unfulfilled promises. Some of you I’ve already contacted. Some of you may not even still be alive. But your memory will live on in Bearmageddon once I draw you anyway.

So that’s my update. Next week, on Wedensday, I’ll make that available, so check back then. Thanks for reading!


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