In Bearmageddon’s first featured webcomic blog you’re going to learn all about RuinWorld. But first, a quick introduction since this is my first post.


My name is Duran Rivera. Ethan and I became acquainted with each other about a year ago over lunch, and at that ingurgitating meal, we made a pact. I agreed to turn him into a walking boxing dynamo called “The Rancho Cucamonga Hurricane”, in exchange for him helping me develop my humble little Danger-Squad comic. Over time, he’s become one of my closer friends here on the west coast. Ethan wanted to use Bearmageddon to promote other web comics, so I’ll be writing up an ongoing series about various notable webcomics which I consider must reads. Ethan and I think these webcomics are crucial to the survival of a Bear-pocalypse. Now, let’s get to our first — and definitely not our least pick: RUINWORLD!


RuinWorld is a 2016 webcomic created by a talented artist named Derek Laufman. He hails from London, Ontario. He’s the co-founder of Half-Bot, an independent game studio which is located in his hometown of Ontario. He’s been in the business for 15 years now and has been a part of some pretty successful projects in his time as illustrator and designer. His newest venture seems to be his most personal yet.


RuinWorld is a fantasy adventure webcomic which follows two anthropomorphic treasure hunters, Pogo and Rex. They find themselves in a predicament when Pogo discovers a cursed chest. It’s still early in the game to really have a definitive opinion on the story, but so far it’s an enrapturing bit of sequential art. The visual quality is simplistic yet stunning. Laufman outdid himself this time around. The characters are emotive and relatable. The lettering is top notch. If Laufman sticks to this story for the long run, I think we could see what should be a pretty memorable webcomic, and maybe even see it turned into an anthologized work at some point.


Since the webcomic is early, what I’ve seen so far has caused me some excitement and also sparked the imagination in regards to the possibilities. What strange creatures will Pogo and Rex face down the road on their various hunting expeditions? What is inside that castle? What kinds of powers and beings will this enchanted chest attract? We’ll have to wait and see! I for one am definitely looking forward to the ride.

Go here to check out Derek Laufman’s RUINWORLD.  You can also check out Derek Laufman’s other amazing works here.


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