Old fans of AxeCop might remember Dr. McNinja from their epic team up. If you haven’t read it yet, here’s an intro to one of the funniest webcomics on the net… Dr. McNinja is a webcomic developed by Christopher Hastings, who has been a friend of Axe Cop and Bearmageddon from the early days of both. It started in 2003 as a one-off but has since been a regularly scheduled webcomic since.


It follows the misadventures of Dr. McNinja who’s a middle-aged doctor who happens to also be a ninja. It’s humor mixes well with the action and serves to fuel its unquestionable charm. What started out as a humble idea through an internet forum site, then as an art class comic, turned into a multi-media success story that continues to this day with video game ventures and other possibilities down the pipe.


Dr. McNinja is a ninja with uncanny speed, the agility and reaction time to be able to dodge bullets, and superhuman strength. His medical proficiency runs from his medical training under the clone of Benjamin Franklin. He has a degree in various fields making him an expert Dr., dentist, and podiatrist. One starts to notice that Dr. McNinja has some unique quirks about him. For one, he’s a die-hard Batman fanatic. He also has a propensity for lying about his past, telling others that he’s trained with Batman. His personality is actually more like Spiderman with the wit and banter during battles with various super-villains.


The artwork of Dr. McNinja is top notch, the artist has a great ability to switch up the camera angles in dynamic ways during action scenes, and manages to pace the more dialogue heavy scenes in a way that keeps it interesting, moving the scene along. There’s such an absurdity about the comic book that I can’t help but feel tantalized by every introduction to a new character or new place. The villains are over the top– pretty much all the supporting characters are a bit out there, especially his trusted sidekick Gordito Delgado who looks like a cowboy but is actually a 12-year-old who through sheer will-power has grown himself an EPIC handlebar mustache. Delgado also rides his beloved velociraptor called Yoshi. Yoshi has a bit of an attitude and doesn’t let anyone but Gordito ride him. In case you don’t know Spanish, Gordito is an endearing term which means “little fat one”.


What’s great about this comic is that it’s very self-aware and it unabashedly embraces it’s tongue in cheek humor. I love that it doesn’t hold punches and that it dares to be raw and funky. It’s assortment of weird stories and funky characters left me wanting more. Have no fear, there’s lots of material to read through since it’s been around for a while. If you’re looking for a webcomic that’s packed with action, story-arcs, and tons of aberrant humor, this is just what the Dr. ordered.– See what I did there? 



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