Hey everyone in Bear country, Duran’s here again to bring you another fantastical webcomic review! This week’s selection is the amazeballs webcomic simply called NHOJ by the stupendously talented creator simply referring to himself as John Cullen. It’s a quirky daily comic that makes me think of the fantastically weird and hilarious The Far Side comics by Gary Larson.




It’s amazing that he’s been doing this comic DAILY for almost 3 years! His dailies (incorporating everything from journal comics to absurdist humor, to riffs on pop culture), since January 2014. That takes serious dedication! One has to admire the time and the effort he put into this labor of love. It’s an amazing accomplishment that should be applauded. Each comic has the same high-quality visuals, lettering, and sardonic humor. I must say, I want whatever high-energy protein bars he’s been taking!

His most recent daily was released October, 27th, and after reading it, I say with full confidence, that I have a new favorite word, and it’s “jaysus!”


I’m going to take a wild guess and say that he’s an Irish creator working out of Ireland! I made this deduction by his use of “humour” and words such as that which means he’s from at least across the pond. He speaks about living in Ireland, I’m not a detective here, but maybe that might be the case! Whatever the case is, these are some of the most fantastic dailies you can find anywhere!



None of the dailies he released are connected in any way whatsoever. Each comic has its own unique idea or joke. It makes me nostalgically harken back to my early Sunday mornings skimming to the back pages where all the comic strips were. Most of them had no continuous story, just funny anecdotes, and punchlines. They were mostly just cute, amusing, rarely drop off your chair bust a gut laughing kinda jokes. But what they DID do consistently was put a smile on my face, and made me feel better about my morning, even if it was for that short few minutes. That was the magic of those comic strips. This comic definitely captures that kind of magic. There’s an innocence to it that accomplishes what I’d imagine the creator set out to do, which is to at the very least put a smirk on your face! Check out his comics, I’m sure you’ll find it to be as much a treat as I thought it was!


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