Hey Bearanauts! Duran’s back to share with you another amazing webcomic review! This week, we’ll be checking out TwoKinds, which is an amazingly beautiful and refreshing story created by Tom Fischbach. It’s been around for over 13 years and it’s going strong in popularity online. Twokinds is a webcomic that must resolve its racial tensions between conflicting groups: the human-like people and the animal-like beings called Keidrans. They have a very different idea of what is the way to live and go about their lives. Their differences in customs and traditions have caused conflict and stratification between the two groups. The story kicks off with the world at the brink of war. In a twist, it is revealed that it is being manipulated by a human  who has no memory of the crime he perpetrated.



In this world, there’s three major races, the Humans, The Keidrans, and the Basitins. The Humans are the more technologically advanced and curious race who use their tech to subdue and enslave many of the Basitins. The Basitins are a shorter lived, feline and canine race of beings who share a centuries old, collective contempt for the human beings. The Basitins are a generally furry race. They keep themselves isolated from everyone. Theirs is a more hive-like spartan type of society. The story begins from the perspective of a human named Trace who must resolve to regain his memories and discover what role he’s playing in this volatile world.

What’s great about reading webcomics is that one gets to see the progress from where it started, and as you read along, you continue to see it advance and grow. The storytelling devices become more sophisticated and effective. Reading TwoKinds is a perfect example of following the development and the creative evolution of the talented Tom Fischbach. There’s a lot of teenage angst, and hormonal elements to this web series, but it doesn’t get carried away. It’s something that teens and preteens can relate to, like budding relationships, being self-conscious, jealousy, crushes, etc. 



If you get a chance, be sure to check out this comic book! You would be very happy you did. It tells an elaborate story without being convoluted. It’s a great escape and one of the top-notch more quality webcomics out there today!

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