Hey, Bearmanauts! Duran here to bring you another webcomic review! Hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season! This week’s number one choice is Puck created by the ElectricGecko! Puck is one of the most popular webcomics online. I’m sure after reading the review about this gut-busting comic, you’re going to head on over to the site and devour every comic from beginning to end, absorb every single syllable with utter gusto! I know I did!


Puck is a weekly comic started by ElectricGecko back in 1998. While in his animation program he decided to jump headfirst into this passion project and he never looked back. The initial Puck run actually predates Google which makes it one of the older of the current crop of webcomics online. The creator likes to refer to himself as ElectricGecko to keep his teaching career and his webcomic career separate. After some time of doing the comic book, he stopped at Puck 80 in February of 2000, only to come back to it and presenting it in 2013 on DeviantArt. The support he received was tremendous enough that he started consistently turning them out and hasn’t looked back since! He’s currently working on issue 367! This is a testament to not giving up, kiddos! Don’t lose track of your dreams, and no matter the journey or how elusive the path. Stick with it! Now let’s get to the comic itself!


Puck is a satirical comic that pokes fun at pop culture and various events. It’s a wonderful story about a red-headed unemployed fairy(ish) mother with anger management issues named–Puck! Once Puck finds a tot named Daphne on her doorstep and decides to adopt her. Now a mom, she decides that her clearest path to success is to get a college education. Puck is a character that’s very loosely based on a Shakespearian character who itself is based in English folklore. That would make her over 600 years old, but she never mentions her past. The story was originally intended to incorporate folklore and such characters but that idea was superseded by the idea to make it more about contemporary satirical situations. The story generally keeps within the PG-13 range and doesn’t delve into the NSFW content. It’s generally episodic without any major story arcs. It’s a light and irreverently humor-filled comic.


The artwork is superb and crisp. What’s wonderful about the comic book is the consistency. One gets pretty spoiled week by week seeing the crisp, professionally done character designs as well as the top notch lettering and colors all done by ElectricGecko. It’s obvious by reading the comic book that it took great dedication to make so many of these webcomics (over 361 episodes so far). The supporting characters are numerous, each with their own unique personalities and appeals. It’d take forever to even begin to delve into the Puck world. It’s a glorious read for anyone that wants to kick back and who’s looking for a light-hearted escape.

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