Dear true bear-lievers,

Please, don’t be a bear-leaver. I know I have committed one of the cardinal sins of webcomics, and I’ve committed it repeatedly. I have stopped updating and have not specified a time I will return.

I took the month of December off for a Christmas break, but here’s what happened at the tail end that has kept me from going back to posting to Bearmageddon.

-Financially, we’re cleaning out our savings right now. I need to be getting new things out there with more potential right now. My steady output of Bearmageddon and the amount it brings in on Patreon isn’t enough to cover supporting my family. So I’m trying to get a couple things done on top of jumping back into Bearmageddon.

-My whole family got sick for weeks. Have you heard about that insane flu going around? We all had it together, including my 6-month-old, which means we had the flu and did not sleep, like, at all. He screamed all night every night, it was brutal.

-We’re mostly over the flu, but my wife’s grandmothers both are very ill and she needed to jump on a plane and go be with her family, so I was here with two of the kids. I had very limited work time and couldn’t see spending it on this comic with everything else I need to get done.

-And, besides all that, the last 6 months have been very messy. My son is an adorable, sweet, cuddly little guy but he SUCKS at sleeping, big time. He practically doesn’t nap, he wakes up constantly, so our days have been pretty chaotic. He sleeps in our bedroom so that isn’t helping.

One of the things I’m hoping will help me to get things back on track, is I’m putting my Patreon money towards moving to an office space outside my house. We’re going to give my oldest daughter my office for her bedroom and give baby Calvin his own room for a while, hopefully, so he can learn to put himself to sleep a little better. I’m really hoping that helps shift things back on course, but who knows what is coming.

I will not let this go on much longer, I have some pages penciled and I want this comic to keep going. I just wanted to let you know where I am at on things.  And if you support me on Patreon but are on unhappy with my output lately, I completely understand if you want to end or lower your pledge until the comic gets back up and running. That’s one reason my Patreon is not exclusively a Bearmageddon Patreon. It is for everything I make because I can’t do Bearmageddon exclusively.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or thoughts, I’m not trying to hide. Just trying to catch up. Thanks for sticking with this comic through all the ups and downs.



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