I have to apologize for going off the rails in 2018. Last you heard, I had a pretty severe neck issue. That neck problem is not gone, but it has improved quite a bit. However, the main work I have been able to find lately is illustration work, so much of my time is spent drawing other stuff. Since the comic went into hiatus I drew five issues of a comic called Appalachian Apocalypse, written by Billy Tucci. It is in stores now.

Currently, I am doing illustrations for a book written by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver, as well as another comic book that is more of a spec thing. To see some of what I am working on, I post what I can on my Patreon page.

I recently finished an unreleased page of Bearmageddon and I would like to start working on it again. I hate leaving it sitting for so long. There is still so much story left, and I still owe a number of you glorious bear deaths.

My book, BEARS WANT TO KILL YOU, which Kickstarted successfully last year, will be delivered to backers at the end of February or early March. I’ll put it on Amazon and other places like that some time in March or April hopefully.

So, for now, the Bearmageddon hiatus continues. I have a lot of catching up to do to get it back on track. As always, if you ordered a bearicature way back and are sick of waiting, I am always happy to reimburse. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with this comic through all its ups and downs.


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