It’s come to this. I was trying to think of a clever way to monetize this totally free comic and I think I came up with something that will help me pay rent and make a lot of people extremely happy. I am selling you the opportunity to be attacked by a bear in BEARMAGEDDON. If you have read the comic, you know that a lot of people are going to die soon, and I know you would love to be one of those people. I tried to set it up so that people on various budgets could afford it.

The first two options MAY be a kill, or you may just be being chased or running for your life. The third option will be definite bear attacks/kills and close up. Additionally, if you take the third option I will send you a print of the page you are on and sign it for you (there will be no originals because my work is all digital).

Think of this as if you were an extra in the Bearmageddon movie. You are playing a minor character in a movie, it is not actually you in the movie. Therefore I will only be using your visual likeness and nothing else.

IMPORTANT: I will not guarantee any requests of any kind. You may email me something you would like to see (like what you want on your tee shirt or something) but please understand that is not part of the deal. The deal is simply this: you send me a picture, I use it as inspiration for a background character in my comic. No names are used and all choices of how I use your character are up to me. I want to let you into the story, but I will not allow you to alter the story.

SPOTS WILL BE LIMITED. I will only make this available until I sell a certain amount of these (around 20). I may re-open sales if I find I have a lot more space for more characters. If you would like to do something that does not fit the description of one person being attacked (maybe you want your pet, or family or something) send me an email and I’ll let you know how we can work it out.

YOU MUST BE 18 TO PURCHASE THIS. If you are under 18, you must get your parent to purchase it for you and send me the photograph with permission.


Background Extra:
Be somewhere in a background, dead or alive. Most likely part of a crowd running for your life.

Bonus:Receive a high-res digital image of your drawing by email, and you get thanked by name in the printed Bearmageddon book once it is published.

Mid-Field Victim:
Mid-Field, you are not in the background, but not in the foreground. You are probably getting killed but you may just be running for your life or something similar.

Bonus:Receive a high-res digital image of your drawing by email, and you get thanked by name in the printed Bearmageddon book once it is published.

Premium Kill:
You get killed in the foreground. You may even have a short line of dialog, or be part of a sequence of panels. You may even be a minor character in the comic who eventually dies. You will be immortalized in Bearmageddon forever and that’s pretty darn special.

Quadruple Bonus:

  • receive a high-res digital image of your drawing by email.
  • you get thanked by name in the printed Bearmageddon book once it is published.
  • you get a print of the page signed by the artist mailed to you.
  • your character will be in the character bios section of the website (the bio will be made up, not based on you).

  • from $100
    Have a special request that may take a little extra persuasion? Email me at and if we can agree on a price, use this option. If you are willing to pay more than $100, you get to the front of the line and you get all the bonuses of the Premium Kill.
    When possible I’ll use information you provide. Since your likeness is being added to an existing story, I must reserve the right to alter or ignore requests.
    View terms and conditions. By clicking this box, I hereby agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions of this agreement.
    I hereby acknowledge and agree that I have read and understood this agreement and that I am over the age of 18.
    Grand Total…………$Sold Out!