LATE! (but still great) Kailey had a serious internet outage that delayed the delivery of the finished page this week. Rest easy, folks. It is here.

This is one of those scenes that is extremely difficult for a number of reasons…

-It’s in the dark, so lighting is tricky

-It’s in a cramped space so picking your “camera” angles is tricky.

-There is a LOT happening really fast and that is tough to portray in comics.

-There is so simple way to draw this scene there are a lot of characters and every page is a ton of work.

-It is a fast-paced scene that isn’t meant to be read at the once-a-week page rate.

However, for fans of delayed gratification, I think it will all be worth it when this is a finished book and you can tear through these pages one after another as fast as you can read. For now, I appreciate you taking the scenic route through it with me. Once its done and printed, nobody will ever experience this scene the way we are right now, bit by bit, giving the art a little more of a look. I appreciate that!


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