Since my vacation I’ve been doing some soul searching about how I spend my time creatively. I feel like I have been trying pretty hard to build my online audience and gain traction with my webcomics and it’s really not happening. I may be getting wrong, or maybe my comics just don’t appeal to the average webcomic reader. Whatever the case, I need to be honest with myself. A career webcomic maker is not even what I really want to be. If I could live out my dream it would be making books, one at a time. 1-2 per year. Some comics, some chapter books, some a hybrid of the two. But I don’t honestly even really like the internet that much, so what am I doing trying to carve out a corner of it?

I talked a lot about this with my Patreon members last week. Every Friday I have a private live video session with them on our secret Facebook page. I’m thankful for this group of fans, supporters and friends. I wish everyone who was a regular reader could be part of it. Pledge $2/month and you can join in on the secret group. I’d love to have you. I consider my Patreon supporters my trusted inner circle. I run everything by them as I am working on it and the financial support is only a small part of what makes them so invaluable to me. I have an honest group rooting for me who is excited to see new stuff along the way. I love it, and I see myself working my way towards focusing on my Patreon and my books down the road.

These are mostly all thoughts right now. I would love to get your input on any of this stuff. If you are someone who chooses to come to this website and read my comics, you mean a lot to me and I want to deliver what you came for. I feel like I spend so much time just trying to figure out my audience. It saves me a lot of trouble when you guys let me know what you like the most.



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