Here’s an update on some of the latest content I’ve posted to Patreon. This is besides the regular features such as getting next week’s page a week early, every page in high resolution, discounts and access to digital downloads of anything I make, as well as a weekly live video chat on our private Facebook group. Think of it as becoming a “Bearmaged-head” if such a membership existed.

Ink Blotch Collection: A collection of the high res ink blotches I use in my work. Free to use.

Five Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Story Idea: A guide for someone working on a story who is trying to flesh it out.

Creep: One of my oldest comics, a full issue as well as a “then and now” drawing.

Rocko Pitch: My Rocko pitch to potentially write the new comic series.

Creature Concepts: Some new creature art from my sketchbook.

My Workspace and Supplies: A video showing my workspace and what supplies I use.

Axe Cop RPG Level 1 Demo: An exclusive beta test version of a new Axe Cop RPG game that is in development.

That’s just what I’ve posted in the last couple weeks. There are hundreds of Patreon-exclusive posts you gain access to when you join up.

You may get sick of hearing about Patreon but it’s a big deal to me. If you have followed my work, I hope you’ll give it a try. You can cancel at any time.

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