Last week, thanks to hitting the front page of Reddit and Imgur, I got contacted by a literary agent about doing a book of bear safety tips. I pulled a couple all nighters and put together a 50 page book proposal. The proposal is out right now being looked at by publishers. How can you help? Well, all the likes and follows I can get will be super helpful right now, because that tells them I have an audience.

Here some accounts you can follow and share

Bearmageddon Facebook page

My Bearmageddon twitter

Follow me on Instagram

It also helps if you’re following my Axe Cop accounts

Axe Cop on twitter

Axe Cop on Facebook


Also, any retweets or shares of anything on those pages helps me a lot, but especially the bear safety memes.

Maybe you’re not so into the bear jokes, you just want more comic. Well, this is a way to get more. If I get a book deal that’ll be some real money to cover me so I can actually work on Bearmageddon more than I do now. I would love to be able to afford to spend more time on this project! Thanks in advance for you help spreadin’ the ‘geddon, and for all your support from the day I posted the first page of this book.

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