Trick title there.

This is a tense, quiet moment after the crash. The bears are checking out the overturned semi like a crashed salmon freighter. Everyone is trying to be quiet as if the bears can’t smell them in there. Gogs is screwed.

I posted another commentary video of Bearmageddon on Patreon this week. Click the commentary tag to see all my commentary videos.  I also posted up a high res file of everything in vol 2 so far for premium spenders. And don’t forget, for only $2/month you can get every page a week early.

I have some catching up to do. I have only one page after this one drawn. I have been doing a paid comic job to cover the bills lately and it’s using up a lot of my drawing bandwidth. I’m also suffering a messed up disc in my spine from bad posture habits while drawing. It’s hurting. I finally went through all the hoops to get an epidural shot in the pinched nerve area and I can’t get in until July. I kind of want to cry right now, but it hurts to slouch.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!



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