Way back when I named this character (and you can check, they mention her waaayyyy back when Joel first runs into Nigel at Scrotto’s Grotto) I had no idea that when she finally appeared in the comic, there would be a hurricane using her namesake to devastate the Bahamas and attack the east coast. Total coincidence I swear, no relation. I figured it was just a good name for an alterna-goth girl honestly.


This is the last page in the batch of backlogged pages I had done. We have been without a sitter for three weeks now, so I have had to trim off time for extra projects. I am hoping since we just found one that seems pretty great, I will be able to jump back in and keep rolling with the weekly release.

To those of you who can’t stand the sporadic schedule, I totally get it, I would probably wait for the full book too.

But to the rest of you who show up every time a new page posts and has a good attitude about it, I want you to know that — outside of my own determination and desire to get this project done — you are the reason I keep posting pages. I appreciate you coming here and every kind comment is a motivator to keep moving, so thanks a lot.


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