I didn’t want to bore people too much with putting some real guns safety into my story, but it’s something you never hear in movies and tv shows where characters who have never handled a gun are suddenly thrown into a situation where they have to learn. Somehow, shotguns don’t kick on TV, and making a headshot from 20 feet away with a handgun is as easy as taking down a cow with a bazooka at close range (OK I actually have never tried that, I only assume it would be easy, though also messy and potentially harmful to your health). Characters walk around with their guns held up, barrels waving in each other’s faces willy-nilly when anyone with basic gun safety instincts keeps the barrel aimed downward pretty much at all times except when shooting.

I’m a lot like Joel in that I was raised by my mom, so I never really touched a gun until I was older. I had pretty typical views on guns before I started shooting them, namely a mystical idea about them that they were A.) super easy to shoot stuff with and B.) evil.  I learned when I began shooting with friends that a gun is like most tools. It has a use, and it requires a certain amount of practice before it becomes useful, and if you dont use it properly you could accidentally lose  finger or kill someone.

I think we’d be better off in general if everyone took gun safety and learned to fire a gun. It would dispel some of the myths and there’s a chance more good people would own them, which would not be a bad thing. I know, that’s small town thinking. I come from a small town where a majority of gun owners are good people who want to defend themselves and their neighbors, which makes gun violence rare. In a large city it seems to be the opposite. The good people don’t have guns and the majority of people who do have bad intentions.

This could easily turn into a soapbox, so I’ll stop for now. Let’s pause and reflect on today’s page. Our characters are taking up arms. What that means for the story is that things are about to get real.



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