Well, I’m one week into my Kickstarter experiment and I have nearly doubled my funding goal. If you haven’t pledged, but want to, but something is stopping you, drop me a line. I want my readers to get what they want! Maybe we can work something out.
Please join me LIVE on Kickstarter today at 1:30 Pacific time (about 2.5 hours from when I post this). I want to chat about stretch goals and more.
I have bought very little advertising and have had basically no press on this campaign, yet have managed to reach over 20K in the first week. This is ALL happening thanks to shares. So please, share often, and share on groups, pages, Reddit, places you think others might find it and find it interesting. On Twitter? Retweet my epic bear thread.
Also, if you haven’t already done so, join our Facebook Bearmageddon Preppers group.
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