How’s it going out there?

Well, I haven’t said much about this, but I am going to be looking for work soon. My writing gig at Dreamworks ends sometime in the next month or so and that will be the end of my foreseeable steady income. I was pretty lucky to land this job when I got it. It was right about the same time I got married. I was wondering how the heck I was going to support this family and this job practically fell out of the sky right when I needed it.

Knowing that happened then, I should have faith that something else will come along. But it’s never easy to approach joblessness without a little bit of nervousness. But it’s something everybody has to face at different points in life. I hope to find work that allows me enough time to keep posting here and elsewhere. Patreon gets my priority, since my Patreon supporters are helping me work towards a goal of not needing to hunt for a steady income.

This past couple weeks on Patreon I have posted…

I know that, if I ever manage to get to a living wage on Patreon it’s going to be a slow climb. But it’s sort of my dream option right now. Please check out the page and the many options and perks involved. Thanks for supporting me even just by visiting my site on a regular basis.


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