Happy Friday.  Your first Bearmageddon Friday.  I leave you for the weekend with this image of a big disgusting octo bear that was just pulled out of a sewer.  Noah did a great job coloring this but I obsessively went in and added even more muck and gunk because I really wanted that bear to look filthy.

I hope that by now the site has propagated and everyone is able to see it in it’s true form, as it was intended by it’s creator to be seen.  I apologize that “August 3rd” turned out to be a cruel lie for some of you.  The site did not go up until the afternoon due to some problems on our side of things, then after it was finally posted it still took who knows how long to start showing up on people’s screens.  A little time here, a lot of time there.  I learned that doing a “hard launch” of a web site is not easy.

I appreciate people sharing this comic with friends and coming here to comment.  Also thanks to Doug over at Ratfist.com for sending his readers my way.  I used to read his comments section with great envy… Ratfist fans are good people – right up there with Axe Cop readers.  I hope you will stick around here.

Bearmageddon, week one, is now behind us.  Thanks for joining and I’ll see you on Wednesday!

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