Page 20 already?  Dang, this is like, if this was a comic book series, you would only be two pages from end of the first issue.  Granted you world normally read it all in one sitting fairly quickly, but hey, with a web comic with you get way more suspense and build up than a book, and it’s free!

The closest experience I have to this page is when I worked at King’s Table Buffet as a dish washer and there was this mess of trash and old boxes out by the dumpsters I had to tidy up.  As I was cleaning, I broke down a box that had a large amount of thoroughly rotted chicken blood and fat hidden in it… oh yeah and also maggots.  It all exploded all over me, and I dry heaved like a mofo.  That was definitely a moment where I was not digging the minimum wage job.  I smelled bad chicken so often at that job.  Not that they served it bad, but that when it went bad, it was my job to deal with it, and it is just the worse smell… I hardly ever ate chicken when I worked there, even outside the restaurant.  I love chicken.

Well I am just finishing up inking page 41 tonight.  I’m going to do a couple more, then I have to put Bearmageddonback on the shelf for a bit and work on the next Axe Cop Dark Horse miniseries.  This won’t effect you though, it will continue to post two pages a week as Noah and his new color-slaves Johnathan and Matthew start their new job as flatters.  Also, a guy named Mike has jumped on board to help me with editing the web site, so thanks to Team Bearmo!  Somewhere along the way as I am working on the next Axe Cop book I will take some time to get more Bearmageddon pages done.  It should all run very smoothly… of course my foreseeable future has about 270 pages of comics to draw, but hey I can do that.  Why not.

Well, speaking of all that, I better get back to work.  I submitted a design for an Octo Bear shirt that will be ready for Christmas for sure.  I don’t know when exactly it will post but when it does I will of course let you all know.  Thanks to everyone who has bought a poster so far!


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