I’m so excited we have reached this page… though I am also terrified that we are finally here.  I have so much crazy stuff to draw from this point on, my hand is going to kill me.  The colorists, Noah, Johnathan and Matthew will probably also kill me too.

This is it.  What I like to (so cleverly) refer to as the “bearier” has been broken.  I know, it’s just running out into the street, but it’s here. It’s on.  It’s ALIVE!

Congratulations to all of you who have been reading up to this point.  You now can tell your friends you were reading Bearmageddon back before it had living bears in it.  You were reading it before it was Bearmageddon.  You are O.G., early adoptin’ BearMofos!

Onto other topics, huge thanks to everyone who has ordered commissions.  I just checked my total and I can definitely get that new computer now!  Oh man I can’t wait!!  I said I would do up to 100 of these.  Well, I have exactly half that ordered now, so there are 50 slots left.  Sale ends when I sell another 50 or November 25th arrives… then I will really have my work cut out for me.

Also, the Washington Post has an open call for best Web Comic nominations.  Please let them know that this and Axe Cop are obviously the two best web comics on the net, regardless of the truth.  All you have to do is email comicriffs@washpost.com.  Easy!

What else?  Well, I don’t have a big long epic blog for you today… here anyway.  I have told a lot of you about Save the Cat by the late, great Blake Snyder.  It is the book that helped me write the story you are reading right now.  Well, SaveTheCat.com has invited me to write a guest blog, and I wrote one about Blake, his book, and Bearmageddon.  I think it turned out pretty good.  They say it will post at 7am Friday morning, so by the time this blog posts it should be up at their home page.  Please check it out, and while you are there think about ordering the book… or all of them… if you are a struggling writer as I am.

Alright… onward!  See you next page.



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