Bearmofos!  Thanks for your patience as we took a Christmas break.  I admit, I said we would take off one week, but we took two.  Most schools do, so I guess I didn’t feel too bad.  It’s good to be back.  Also, I understand Noah and the guys needing more time for this scene.  These pages on the bridge took a long time to draw and I’m sure coloring them was a chore as well.


I was working on these scenes when I talked with Doug T and Jason Brubaker on his podcast Making Comics in our second interview.  It was another fun and in depth conversation about all sorts of things.  At one point Doug asked me why I chose to put all this work into the art on this comic when it is really not making me any money and I said it really is just the vision I had for it.  I wanted it to feel like a movie.  I wanted it to be epic, apocalyptic and feel real.  I could have gone all cartoony and saved a lot of time, but I just wanted cinematic.  So I’m 86+ pages in, I can’t change the style now.


One of our color flatters, Jonathan Mastron is working on this new web series called Geek Love.  He is doing the graphics for it and it’s an interesting look into the weird world of geek romance.  Check it out here.


Also, there are two new desktop wallpapers in the donate section.  One Bear Crab and One Bearadactyl.  Thanks to everyone who pitches in a few bucks!


Well… life is crazy on my end.  I am starting a new Axe Cop story online.  Gearing up for another Axe Cop print series.  The Axe Cop TV show is moving along nicely.  Working on Bearmageddon still.  Oh yeah and planning a wedding while I take on a new life, morphing into a step father and husband.  Never a dull moment.  Thanks for tuning in, giving me traffic, friendly comments and giving me a reason to keep making comics.  See you next week!



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