I knew going in that drawing this book would be a lot of work. The amount of time it has taken me to get about 170 pages in is proof I was right. But I love it, and I wouldn’t draw it any other way. Though it’s true, as much as I love this comic, I really hate drawing backgrounds and trucks and things. Bears are hard too.

Patreon members, on top of getting access to super high resolution versions of the pages each Wednesday, have been allowed to shop in my new store, beta testing it as I add new items. $10+ monthly members even get a 50% discount. There are a bunch of shirts available in there now. Here’s a new Bearmageddon shirt I especially like. It comes in a few colors:


I’ll have more stuff becoming available soon, and I’ll open the store to the public once I get all the shipping and stuff figured out. It will have books, original art, pretty much anything related to my stuff in one place, sold by me.

I’m also putting together a Kickstarter for a volume one that is high quality and actually sellable. This, after realizing how bad a deal Amazon Prime is for color graphic novels. I do not recommend it. I’m hoping I can pull off a 10k Kickstarter so that I can produce some nice soft and hardcover editions with some new bonus material and a new cover. More on that soon.


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