I am looking for an assistant. Not someone who follows me around and brings me coffee all day, though that would be nice, but a virtual assistant. I need someone who likes Bearmageddon, knows it,  has a good command of the English language, social media, basic stuff that could come in handy in helping me work to push Bearmageddon out to people who have not heard of it.

This would be a simple, intern-type job. I would be willing to pay for it, but I couldn’t pay much, but I would only want a few hours of work per week.

Tasks could include things such as

  • Researching to find sites and groups that might take an interest in Bearmageddon
  • Helping with campaigns to raise more money on Patreon
  • Contacting and responding to people on my behalf
  • Posting to my social media accounts
  • Helping me brainstorm new ideas for the web site and the Patreon page
  • And stuff like that.

Attributes that will help your cause: Knowledge of the web comics community and pop culture, being friendly and intelligent sounding, big plus if you live near the Inland Empire in So Cal because then we can have meetings, some knowledge of writing with Final Draft would be a plus.

So, if you have free time and this kind of thing sounds like something you would be interested in doing, write me an email and explain to me why you think you fit the bill. Thanks in advance to any of you who take the time to write. I will only be choosing one virtual assistant for now. If you think you are the one for the job, email me.



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