I hate to say this on such an epic page…

This will be the last Bearmageddon page for the summer. I need to take a break on it.

I got that epidural shot in my neck that was supposed to help things out with my bulging disc and it really didn’t work. My neck is in bad shape and drawing has become pretty painful. My main source of income at the moment is a five-issue series I am drawing and I don’t get paid if I don’t finish each issue. That’s 100 pages I need to draw on a bad neck. I just can’t do Bearmageddon on top of that. So I have to prioritize that project and my BEARS WANT TO KILL YOU book as much as I can right now.

Thanks for your patience through this frustrating time. For praying types, please pray for my neck, and for work. We’re scraping our savings at the moment and when this comic project ends I have no prospects.

This may sound dire, but it’s normal life. I’m happy, I love my life, I’m not scared. It’s just how things go. Every day I paid my bills and did what I love, I’m grateful. Thanks in part to my Patrons, Kickstarter backers, and anyone who has bought anything from my store. Times like these are what light fire under your butt to change things up and new opportunities often arise out of that. I welcome it. Thanks for keeping up with me and my work.


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