I figured I owed to you guys (probably a few months ago) to post a more clear update on what is going on. If you follow me on Patreon, Twitter or Facebook, then you are probably up to date.

In case you missed previous posts, I have been battling a pretty bad bulging disc in my neck that has made drawing very difficult. Also, I took on a paying job in which I committed to drawing six issues of a comic (it’s called Appalaichan Apocalypse, written by Billy Tucci). This commitment, which I needed to pay bills, was enough of a burden on my bad neck that I couldn’t add additional drawing time on Bearmageddon pages on top of it. So, the comic has been on hold until my neck gets better, or I can find another way to make money besides drawing lots and lots of comic pages every week.

One shimmer of hope in that direction is that BEARS WANT TO KILL YOU, my bear survival guide, is done. I am sending it off to the printer today! This means the book will release some time toward the end of the year and I will have the opportunity to market it, distribute it, etc. I’m excited to finally finish that and hold it in my grubby hands.

I apologize for the gap in pages. It has been too long. I hate taking breaks on this project, but there is no way I can keep up with it right now. Many of you know I’ve been through this before. I have been making this comic for almost 10 years now. That is insane. I’ve only made it to almost two volumes. That’s because I have always squeezed it in on the side. If anyone wants to pay me to draw this comic let me know, it’ll be done in no time. (And I don’t discount my Patreon subscribers by saying that, they have the right idea, but I need to be able to pay living costs, mortgage, etc if I am going to set other jobs aside to work on this one, and right now Patreon isn’t bringing in enough).

So, that’s the big update. Thanks for keeping up with my work and as soon as things open up, I will be back to drawing Bearmageddon again. Thanks so much for your patience.


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