Wooee! Life!

OK for those of you who do not know, I am officially “unemployed”. Dreamworks has laid me off, as expected. I am looking for work, but what I am really trying to do is make my Patreon work. I would rather put my energy into that than go spend a zillion hours working on another reboot of some long forgotten cartoon.

Think of Patreon as my elite club membership. I treat my members like gold members. They get to see my art early and they get to see the process I am going through on everything I make. Any TV pitches or other projects I am working on, I share with my Patreon group. They get super high resolution versions of my pages. Every week I do a live video session called the “Pipe and Type” where I have a pipe and talk about what has been going on, and converse with and get to know those who join in. I post exclusive tutorials. And my $10+ members get everything I make at my cost., including free digital, and you get it earlier than the public.

But the big thing your Patreon membership pays for is bigger than the daily blogs and monthly goodies. It’s telling me you believe in my work as an artist and want to see my succeed. It means a lot to me.┬áIt’s an investment and you’re joining in on any successes I may have down the road. My Patreon group is my little family and I want any of you who have been following Bearmageddon or Axe Cop for the last 5-6 years to please consider joining, even if it’s just for a couple months, to get a taste of it. I think you will enjoy it.

If you really aren’t into the idea of a monthly payment of any kind, my new store is still open and I am thankful to everyone who buys my stuff directly from me.

And if you have no money, no worries, you can also help me a ton by writing a review on one of my books or items in my store and especially by sharing Bearmageddon with friends on social media.

In other news, I’m starting Axe Cop again. New pages will begin posting on AxeCop.com at the end of January. They will release early for Patreon members.

Thanks again for keeping up with my work. See you next week!



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