Lunging Death-crazed Squirrelbear. That is what LDS stands for today.

In case you missed it, I posted this inspirational video of me painting a Bear Shark on the beach in sumi ink. Start your day right (if you sleep in a lot) and watch this to set the ambience just right.

I am selling custom commissions like this one until the 20th. I recently reduced the price on them, and you can take an additional 35% by using the coupon code HOHOHO. I can’t have things delivered by Christmas now but I can make you some sweet deals. There are also upgrades if you want to throw in a collection of Axe Cop books or Bearmo swag with your order.

Thanks to everyone who has ordered shirts, bundles and other items from my store. It’s really helping soften the blow of my recently lost steady job.

Among the new features of my Patreon account, I have begun doing a live video chat each week called the Weekly Pipe & Type. I have a pipe and chat for 20-30 minutes with Patreon members. If you join my Patreon or are a member, be sure to join my private Facebook group. The link is in the welcome email when you sign up. That is where the Piping and Skyping goes down.

Also, check out BNN every week to get the Bearpinion article in which real bears react to this week’s page.

Thanks again for keeping up with Bearmageddon, and thanks to my color-wizard Kailey and our new flatter, Ben. See y’all next week.







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