Like the story so far? (If you haven’t read it, you can read the first 66 pages right here for free)  It’s just getting started. You have a number of options:

The free version of Bearmageddon is a lower resolution and does not contain any bonus content, but it does have every page. Patreon members name their price and get the full version and FIVE of my free digital books upon joining. Visit my Patreon page to see all the benefits of becoming one of my patrons including getting every book I have ever made in digital format for free.

mutant bears

You may also purchase the full version of Volume 1 here.  148 full-color high resolution pages of Bear-induced mayhem, 16 pages of sketches and concept art. 172 page PDF

Also available on Amazon in  Kindle edition.

You can also purchase the digital book on Comixology.

Print Edition: There are a small amount of Amazon Print editions out there, but they have been discontinued. I am planning a Kickstarter for a premium print edition of Volume 1 in October.

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This story was always meant to be page turner, not a page clicker. I am excited to finally offer it as a contained book. Though it is volume 1 and I have another two volumes still in my brain waiting to come out. Again, if you want to support that cause, please support the comic on Patreon. If I made enough money I could crank the next books out, but as it is right now it remains a side hobby and a labor of love, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

For those of you who feel you were lifelong readers but never read the ending and now have come here to find a large portion of the comic taken down, in my defense the entire comic was online for nearly a year and I did, many times in the blogs, mention my intention to take the comic down and make it for sale. I think a 66 page preview is fairly generous for a comic that took me years to draw. But even so, feel free to email me and we can work it out. I don’t like letting fans of my work down, especially those valuable early adopters.

I’m working on the script for Volume 2 at the time that I type this. Once I start drawing it, my plan is to release it the same way, first as a web comic, then as a book. Until then, please enjoy Bearmageddon Volume 1!

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