And there you have it.  Book one is DONE!

No, this is not the end.  It should be pretty clear, this is the beginning. Now the story can really get going!  That is why I have two more books planned. The story up to this point in the original script is about 1/3 into it.  So, yes there is much more yet to be told.

I don’t know when I will be able to tell it yet.  My goal right now is to get this book done and printed, and once that is done I’ll go back to the page-a-week schedule on volume 2, once it is feasible.

Thanks for being such a great audience through this whole thing!  Thanks especially to those on Patreon! You not only made drawing it more fun, your reactions helped me write it (or at least catch typos).  Once I have more info on the book I will post it.



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