After my parents divorced, they both quit their middle-of-the-road community churches and each went their separate ways into the churches they really felt at home in. My dad joined a pentecostal Four Square church (for the religiously uninitiated, that’s the real loud ones who speak in tongues and stuff) and my mom went Roman Catholic, joining the choir and putting my brothers and me through catechism. Every other Sunday I was experiencing one of God’s apparent split personalities. He was either an emotional basket case or a dusty, crusty old guy who barely had a soul.  How does that relate to this page? Only that I think of those days every time I draw that balcony.

I was hitting puberty in those days. I remember sitting on the balcony and watching communion from a bird’s eye view as my mom sang in the choir, checking out the girls in line to get communion. Man that felt wrong. It was this strange paradox of faiths that, in those days, led me to become agnostic and even embrace atheism for a while. I figured these widely varied expressions of faith were evidence that religion was purely man made. Nowadays I see things  bit differently. I think that there are multiple factors at play, including both that God is not so narrow as one form of religious expression, and that religion is man made, at least to some extent. Being man made, it is imperfect. But religion being man made says nothing about whether or not God actually exists. Religion being man made does not mean God is man made. Those are two separate questions.

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  • I did a typed conversation with Rich Werner, the guy who designed all the characters on Plants Vs. Zombies about being creative dads. There is a ton of cool art we did with our kids in it and I’m just proud of it, so please give it a read, especially if you have kids of your own.
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