As I type this, my 2 year old is making a mess in the other room I will spend a good part of my day cleaning up. I keep hearing little pieces spilling everywhere. Board games. 1,000 piece puzzles. Sigh. At least she’s enjoying herself.

I know some of you are fans of my more personal blogs. I have been doing more of those on my own website lately. I just did one about creating with spectacle while aiming for truth, goodness and beauty.

The new Axe Cop comic posts tomorrow and I revealed yesterday that we are teaming up with Parry Gripp. Join me and Parry on Facebook Live tomorrow where we’ll talk about the new project, interact with viewers and I’ll draw one person as an Axe Cop style character.

Also, Axe Cop Gets Married and Other Stories (vol 5) with drawing, signed and sticker is 55% off this week with code FREEWATERCAKE.

And in Bear news, Corny Dukes was recently killed by a bear, even though he wore his bear killin’ shirt.


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