I just want to thank the readers of Bearmageddon for two things.  First… we are at the beginning of the story, the set up, and I know that you came here for Bears attacking people, but the story has to get there and at my two page a week rate that is a slow set up.  So thanks for coming around even though I know it might drag.  Some web comics don’t have to apologize for this because they market themselves as already being about nothing in particular.  My comic has a giant banner with a space-helmet bear, some octo bears, a bearadactyl and a few other bears looking you right in the face.  For you to come here and not get all out bear war is false advertising.  Just imagine you are watching a movie in super high definition on dial up.  We’ll get there.  This site needs traffic to have a reason to be, for the ads to generate money, and for me to keep doing this… so by coming here on a regular basis and sharing the comic with friends you are really helping me out.  I have never paid for advertising for my comics, this stuff is all organic thanks to people like you.

The other thing I want to thank you for is all your responses to Wednesday’s blog about my Mom.  I had some very touching replies, and though I haven’t been able to get to all of them, it was pretty heartwarming stuff.  I did feel bad because some people with well-off parents, or parents who are readers and happen to be making good money, seemed to take my story as saying there is something wrong with that.  I did not mean for that to be the point at all.  I am very happy to see people prosper, and I know that my mother’s inability to provide for us as she had wished she could has been a burden ever since the days I talked about.  I don’t wish that on anyone.  But I do think that no matter how much money you have as a family, you can still teach your kids they have to earn what they get.  One guy emailed me and said he will match what his kids earn on their own, and I think that is pretty cool incentive.  At the end of the day , it was just a story and I am in no way trying to claim to be any authority on parenting in the least.  I believe in common sense, but I know my place.  I have a lot of respect for anyone who becomes a parent and embraces it.

So, here we meet a new character named Burton who is directly based on my old room mate who was known as “Patty K”.  He was a white stoner rapper who always wore a hoody over a beanie with dreadlocks.  He is still a close friend, and he no longer dresses like that, but I am going to do my best to make Burton talk like him.  He had his own sort of small town white ebonics thing going on.

Alright, I managed to get an illness somewhere between the zillion hand shakes and 5 airports I experienced in the last 5 days, so I am going to end here.  Thanks again for reading!




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