It always feels like it takes forever to get to Wednesday, but I’m so glad it’s here.  This is a big day… well, it would have been bigger because the new Axe Cop book was supposed to release today but it got bumped to next Wednesday.  But still, we have our new Bearmageddon episode and over at Axe Cop today I will be posting the second half of Axe Cop’s adventure in Narnia.  I’ve just been putting the finishing touches on the third volume of Axe Cop to send off to Dark Horse.  It’s pretty dang cool, and it makes me excited for the day Bearmageddon becomes a book.  It also makes me excited because hopefully I will have some time to work on Bearmageddon pages here for a couple weeks before I dive back into Axe Cop.

I’m a little exhausted, so I apologize that this blog is not more rewarding.  Today we meet Nigel, the ex-Wow Mart employee who now lives happily unemployed.  You guys should be happy he is here because he’s really going to help move us toward some bear action.  I’ll see you on Friday as we get even closer.


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