I’m going to skip commenting on this page and just announce that finally I have something you can buy…  the Bearmageddon posters are now for sale!



These posters are 27″ wide by 13.5″ tall.   This is the first piece of Bearmageddon merchandise ever, and any purchases are greatly appreciated because so far this web comic has only cost me money to produce.  I’m not complaining, only saying that when you buy a poster you are not only getting a cool poster, your supporting the project. I hope to make more merch as time goes by, but that will largely depend on if this sells or not.  I really want to get to the point where I am mass-producing octo-teddy bear popples.

The other big event of the day is that Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth the collected edition is out in comic stores today!


This is my favorite published work of my own so far.  It represents a massive undertaking in a real experiment in creating stories with my little brother.  It is a full color epic tale created by playing with my brother, living with him for a full month and taking notes, brainstorming and just trying to find ways to get a full-sized story out of him.  In this collected edition I have added 30+ pages of extra stuff, mostly a detailed look at the making of the book.  I assume most of you who are here are Axe Cop readers, but if you are not and have been curious about it, this is a great place to start.  You can read Bad Guy Earth on its own without reading previous Axe Cop material, but once you read it my hope is of course that you will want to go back and catch up on the web comics.  Bad Guy Earth was print-exclusive and was never on the web, so if you have only read Axe Cop on the web, you have missed this, my favorite Axe Cop story ever told.  Also, today is the release in comic shops, but it won’t be in book stores for a couple more weeks.  So if you plan on getting it on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble or something, you will have to wait a while longer.

Well, I forgot to letter this page until I was going to post it at 3:45 am after re-watching 3 back to back old episodes of Breaking Bad with my room mate.  So it is now 5:25 am and I will be fast asleep when this page posts.  I hope you liked it.  Thanks for reading, and big thanks to those who buy a poster.

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