It’s a simple page today, but sometimes things are simple.  Maybe Joel is taking the whole “just say no” thing too literally but the point is made.

So, as you know, I drew the first 20 or so pages of this comic before Axe Cop went online a year and a half ago.  Basically, when I had created Axe Cop during that Christmas visit, I had already done a bunch of work on the story for Bearmageddon and I had set a goal to start it on January first of 2010.  I started to draw it, and then posted Axe Cop online and it went viral on the 29th.

Now that I am back to drawing more pages of this book, I am getting really excited.  I just drew the first bear kill today.  You could say I broke the “bearier” but if you did I would slap you.  Ok, I really wouldn’t.  I like puns.  My humor tastes tend to be about as corny as a jolly, whimsical 90 year old man with a bow tie.  So pun away.  Pun Forrest… Pun!!!  Ok you can slap me now.

But anyway, the pages I am drawing now won’t post to the site for a while but I’m excited to be creating these visuals I have had in my head for a couple years now.  It’s so exiting to see a project like this finally come to life and having Noah on board coloring it just makes it that much more exciting.

I wanted to put a call out to anyone out there who loves this project and would like to lend a hand, I have two “positions” I need filled that would help out a ton.  These are not paid positions, but you will get whatever free stuff I can throw your way and I’ll give you all the credit I can, as well as link your work here and help promote your work if you have anything.  I like to help other creators out, and I know that a lot of people simply love to be a part of a project they are a fan of, so I am throwing this out there.  Here are the two needs…

First, I need someone who can help with the coloring by flatting.  Flatting is basically flood filling solid colors.  You need photoshop, a sense for color theory, and time to flat two or three pages a week.  If you think you are up to this, please send me a link to something you have colored, or send a jpg or two.  Getting someone to flat helps break up the color work so that the load is not so heavy on Noah.  He has plenty of other things to do besides color Bearmageddon and like me he is doing it for free.

Second, if anyone out there knows Comicpress well and would be willing to make occasional changes to this site that would be a huge help.  I am pretty ignorant when it comes to the technical side of internet stuff and I can’t afford the monthly fee it would cost me to pay for the upkeep on this site on top of what I pay for the server and for Axe Cop’s maintenance.  This comic is not really bringing in enough money to justify it yet.  It would not be a lot of changes, just changing ad layouts and stuff like that  on occasion.

So those are the two positions I could really use some help on.  If you think you’d be up to either of them please send an email to info (at) and let me know about you and what you think you could bring to the table.

My other idea was to invite any questions you guys might have about making comics for a living.  I know that I had a ton of questions when I was trying to make it to the point of actually making a living drawing comics.  I had a lot of misconceptions for sure.  It would give me something to write about in the blog here if I feel I have a good answer on something.  You can put your questions in the comments, or feel free to send them to the same email address above.

And that’s it!  Thanks again for reading Bearmageddon and sharing it with your friends.  If you aren’t already, I invite you to follow the Bearmageddon Twitter feed.  You not only get updated on Bearmageddon news, but you get updated on world bear news and bear trivia.  It’s beariffic.



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