I’ve been pretty eager to get to this page.  It’s one of my favorites.

I don’t want to comment on the story much here, I just want you to enjoy it as it plays out, so instead I will shared some more of the commissions I did for people.  I have been getting Facebook posts and tweets letting me know that people are getting their commissions in the mail now, so if you ordered one it’s coming!  There is always that part of me that wonders, when I leave that stack of 97 drawings with the strange man at the Post Office counter, if they will suddenly go missing for some weird reason.

Here are a couple of commissions posted by fans on their Flickr accounts.  Two pretty awesome mash ups.  First, Axe Calvin and Dinosaur Hobbes.  Then there’s Axe Cop VS. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.

Here is a picture of Gogs in a Praying Mantis fighting stance:


And here are some of the Artist’s Choice drawings I did.  These ones people totally left up to me, so I just had fun with them and usually came up with something on the spot.

Death from Chumble Spuzz book 2!

skull monkey sparkle demon

My personal favorite.


So that’s 9 of the 97.  See you next week, when we find out what you do when a bear is about to kill you and you are chained to a tree.






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