Pages like today’s page make me so happy this comic ended up being in color thanks to the hard work of Noah, Matt and Johnathan.  Seriously.  This page wouldn’t be nearly as terrifying without the color.  A lot of people have been commenting how the art in recent pages has improved rapidly.  Well, it was around when the protest started that I put Bearmageddon on the shelf because Axe Cop happened, so the stuff that came after the protest all comes after a year and a half of Axe Cop.  Also, I think that I got more excited to draw this as the bear attacks got closer and became more passionate.  These scenes you guys are in the middle of right now are ones I had in my head for months and was really excited to finally draw.  I put a lot of love in these lines.


I’m going to share another batch of some of my favorite commissions with you as a bonus to today’s page…


Artist's choice. They got a Beartrout.

Asked me to commission Wexter, octobear, and a mention of his dog named Wexter.

Two headed Chihuhua at the request of Noah, Bearmo's color ninja.

Artist's Choice. It's a beaver/tiger/panda/demon


octobear. I liked the Sumi brush energy on this one.

I literally drew this after watching Rocky.

Rocky Dog.

Bucket o' Taft.


It's Mr. Carrot bunny! (Artist's Choice)


And there you have it.  I actually altered a few of these so that people who may have ordered them as Christmas presents wouldn’t be mad at me.  If you enjoyed these, I also posted some Axe Cop related commissions over at under yesterday’s page.


Also, as I have mentioned, I am joining James and John every week on Nobody’s Listening, a clean comedy podcast about funny stories from life.  If you tune in live on Tuesday’s at 6:30 pm pacific time, you can watch me draw art inspired by the show as it happens.  It’s a lot of fun.


If you need an awesome gift to buy someone for Christmas, there is still time to order one from my awesome store that is mostly Axe Cop but some Bearmageddon too!


Alright.  See you on Friday as the bear gets even closer to everyone.




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