So here we are, two weeks later and we finally have met our main character Joel and his buddy Gogs.  Here is where it gets interesting, not as a story, but for me as a storyteller… traditionally in a story like this your monsters attack at the break into Act 2.  This being a two pages per week web comic means that Act 1 could take months to get through.  This comic was intended to be 5 pages/week but Axe Cop happened and so now I am doing what I can.

Obviously we have to build to Bearmageddon and at 2 pages per week it will be a slow build, but I think it will still be entertaining.  I think Act 1 is the toughest Act to make entertaining in my limited experience as a writer, so we’ll see what I’ve got.

Also… does anyone have an opinion on the bear VS. gorilla issue?  I actually tend to lean gorilla but it is a really tough decision.


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