Well, the Grizzly VS. Gorilla debate really heated up last page.  We can continue discussing it here, or we can discuss the new question (can a man kill a bear with one punch) this time.  If we do decide to continue to debate the first, Gaelen Mibeck has sent in the first piece of Bearmageddon fan art to inspire more controversy:

gorilla: “God gave me a good brain!” bear:”I’m gonna CLAW YOU!”


If you want to contribute fan art, please do!  I will eventually start a gallery and post poignant pieces in the blog like the one above.  Thanks Gaelen!

As for the whole “one punch to kill a bear” idea… I mean, it would require a perfect storm, a perfect man, a perfect fist, perfect timing, perfect chi (I am probably not spelling chi right huh?) but under all the perfect circumstances just maybe, MAYBE it could happen.  It’s sort of like the Big Bang.  In fact I think it would be just as big of an event in the annals of the history of mankind and children would read about it’s great mystery in school for years to come.  It would be BIG BANG 2.

Actually, now that I think about it, maybe that IS the Big Bang.  A guy punched a bear and it died.  THAT IS THE EXPLANATION FOR MANKIND.  No further research needed.

I may sound like I am in a weird state of mind.  There is an explanation.  I just watched Birdemic with RiffTrax tonight.  It’s one of those bad movies that is seriously insane and you can’t even try to process what the makers of the film were thinking when they made the decisions that led to it as a finished product.  I don’t know why I can’t find a clip of the guy who steals the gas dying on YouTube.  If you have seen it, you know as I do that it should be the most popular video on the internet.  Don’t let that get you excited though, the movie is painfully bad, but it was inspiring for me as the guy making a story about bears taking over the world to see something similarly done with birds.  I learned a lot about what not to do as a storyteller…

Oh wait I have to go I just heard a cougar*


P.S. Notice the new avatars I’ve added for those without Gravatars in the comments section.  Also, the Facebook “Like” button at the bottom of this blog.  Please be a pal and click that so the Bearmagospel can spread.  Thanks for being a part of my new project!

*again, you have to see Birdemic to even know what I was talking about right there, sorry about that.


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