Alright, here is another page.  It’s been a rough week at Bearmageddon studios, but we’ve managed to only be 15-30 minutes late with each page posting this week.  Sorry for last page’s blog, I was literally coming out of a sick coma just to post that page then pass out, I didn’t realize it was such a whine fest.

I leave you with this page as we head into Christmas.  Bearmageddon studios will be closed this week for Christmas cheer and New Year celebrating.  We’ll pick things back up in the new year.  Thanks to every one who has made Bearmageddon a success, including Noah, Matt and Johnathan the color team and Mike the web master.  Also, all you readers and especially those who have taken time to share this comic with your friends.  I look forward to what happens with Bearmageddon in the new year, it’s only just getting started.

So merry Christmas, happy New Year and all that jazz… we’ll see you back here in 2012!



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