Alright, we’re back!  I know that the mauled corpse was not enough for you guys so I worked in a gratuitous  vomit moment.  I acually didn’t have that in the script, I just realized as I was drawing this that Gogs has a hand full of barf in the middle of a bear attack.  Who wouldn’t throw it in a bear’s face?

I’m glad to be back.  My Christmas trip started off a little rough but it was a good time and now I am home with my shiny, speedy new computer.  I love it.  It’s so weird to work without taking breaks for load time and freeze ups.  I feel so efficient.

I came home to plenty of work.  I came home almost broke so I need to focus on the next Axe Cop miniseries for a couple weeks since that is the only project I am working on right now that actually pays money.  I’ve always been drawn to the projects I make no money on.  That could be why I am running low on money again.  That and Christmas.

Anyway, I haven’t received questions for quite a while so that is one reason I have not done any blogs featuring reader questions in a while.  That, and I have been pretty busy.  Feel free to send them to me via email.  Best to email them.  If you put them in the comments it is harder for me to find them when I need them.

A couple cool things… Bearmageddon was Web Comic Alliance’s Pick of the Week.  Also, Culture Bandit gives it a great review.  I really appreciate all reviews, interviews and forms of promotion.

Alright, you probably want to know what happens next.  Friday you will find out.  Things are JUST getting started.




P.S.: Also, this happened.

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