And then that happened.

I have to resist saying too much about this page, because this is just a teaser for the next page, so for now… there you go.  Some random arms just chopped that bear in the brain.  And for all of you scrutinizing the barf for the key, sorry to burst your bubble.  No such luck.   But hey, you got this instead.

I’m excited and terrified for Bearmageddon to continue.  Excited because of where the story is headed, terrified because somehow I have to find time to draw it all.  Every page I post I am a little farther behind. I am currently working on this new Axe Cop miniseries which currently involves drawing a lot of gorillas.  If I’m not drawing a bear, I’m drawing a gorilla.  Those are two animals I consider a real pain to draw.

So, enjoy this page, and enjoy wondering what the heck is going on until next Wednesday.  See you then.






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