Yep, gross huh.

This actually wasn’t in the script, I just realized as I was drawing it that with meaty guts guy there the choice would be easy, but gross.  Chop the dude, loosen the chain. I doubt you can even chop through a chain with an axe but we will pretend you can if it is a huge axe like that one and we’ll assume these chains are organic, made from hemp, purchased at Whole Foods and contain nothing harmful for the environment.

Part two of my interview at Flightpath is up.  Other than that I don’t have a whole lot to say today.  I have been working on the upcoming Bearmageddon pages.  It’s funny how excited I get drawing these action sequences.  I am working on the next sequence following this one and it’s intense.  I get all excited the whole time I am laying out the pages and planning out the action.  I hope they are this exciting to read.  Tomorrow the Axe Cop Documentary is going to be at my apartment filming me working.  I may have to pretend to be working on Axe Cop even though I am nips deep in Bearmageddon right now.


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