Just one bear to go.  I tried a number of possible bits of dialog for Dickinson to indicate that he is looking for the last bear and it seems to have escaped him for a moment, but in general I really hate when comic book characters talk to themselves just to let the audience in on what is going on.  I do it as little as possible, and I think Dickinson is more effective as a generally quiet character, especially when he is so deeply focused on bear killin’.

We’re coming to the end of a scene I’ve had swirling around in my head for years.  It’s been thrilling to finally bring it to life and see you all react.  I really appreciate the comments. This story is just getting started.  I can’t believe we’ll hit page 50 next week.  We are really just getting over the hump of the bridge into Act Two.  I would not consider this Act Two yet, but we are close.  Considering Act One generally takes up about 1/4 of a story, it’s safe to say this story is going to be over 200 pages.  Be strong little fingers!  I hope the color team can hang on that long, this page is glorious!

Speaking of the color team, I posted links to their sites in the links section.  Check out what these guys do when they are not coloring bear fights.  Color flatter Matthew Sargent even has his own web comic called Bag Drop.  Noah and I did a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cover together for the new IDW series.  It will be the alternate cover in April on issue #9 so keep your eyes open for that.

Also, I’m not sure if I mentioned it in the blog yet, but the Characters Page has been updated!  Big thanks to Mike Weber for making the Character and Links pages so nice and tidy.

Alright Bearmofos, we’ll pick this back up on Friday!



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