I didn’t want to title this entry anything related to the comic so I titled it Tuvan throat singing.  To make it relevant, here is a video.

Tuvan Throat Singing

Also, need I remind you to buy an Octo-bear shirt?  Check out how good it looks on people like this girl named Noelle for instance.

this is what winning looks like.

Tonight I was on a podcast with Doug TenNapel and Jason Brubaker who does reMIND which I highly recommend.  All three of us happened to have books on YALSA’s list of great graphic novels for teens.  That has nothing to do with why we did a pocast though, we just did it because Jason has a podcast and we like Jason because he is our friend.  It is actually the first time Doug and I have done a podcast together and I think it went quite well. We’ll find out when the recording goes up.

See you in a couple days when we will find out if Dickinson just died.



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