If you are looking at this page, and it is not in color, you probably need to go see an eye doctor.  He will probably tell you that your seeing is fine.  What happened is some kind of mix up with Noah.  He told me the page was done and updated, but it never transferred to me, and when I messaged him I think he was already asleep.  Since I like to have this done the night before I went ahead and posted the black and white  page.  Once I get the colors I will update it.  Hopefully that didn’t throw you off too much.

Of course if you got here and it is in color already you can totally ignore that first paragraph.

I like this page.  I like Dickinson eating the hell out of a fish.  I like Gogs sneaking off toward that severed bear head.  I like it.

Remember that podcast I posted on Wednesday?  Well part 2 is up!

There is good stuff in there.  I like this half the best of the two, though between the two we cover a lot of ground.  We veer off the comics reservation into other topics like comedy, jadedness, G.K. Chesterton and George Washington.

Man, thanks everybody who bought Bearicatures!  I literally went from terrifyingly broke to being covered for a couple months in a day.  What a huge relief.  As you may have seen, the Premium and Cheater level kills are sold out for now.  I would love to sell them all day, but then the entire comic would be random people being killed by bears.  That might be a cool comic in itself, but I have a story to tell here.  They may open back up if I find I have more room for them.  If you want to be on a waiting list, buy the $50 Bearicature and let me know in the description you would like to be on the list.  If one opens up I will let you know, but if not you will still get in at the mid-tier.

See you guys next week when we finally get our lovable group of slackers unchained from those trees and on with the story.



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