Bearmageddon is of course about the conflict between bears and humans, but it is also about other conflicts between ideas.  It’s easy to believe a lot of sunny ideas in our comfortable world where bears are not trying to kill us, but once the bears attack we have to ask ourselves where we stand.  Plus it just makes the story more fun to force two polar opposites like Nigel and Dickinson into the same bear infested hell.

In other news, I have been working on some art pieces to attempt to sell on eBay.  I don’t have a lot of experience selling my art on eBay but I wanted to give it a try and see if it can help me generate more income.  Below is an Octo-Bear I did.  This is 18×24, Charcoal, sumi ink, walnut ink, acrylic ink… and other stuff.


"Octobear Frolics in the Pond" by E. Nicolle


I have some others, and will be making some more.  I’ll do some Axe Cop, some Bearmageddon, and some other stuff.  If you would like to commission something in the higher price range, I might be willing to do it.  Send me an email and we can talk.  These are not quick little pieces in bulk like at Christmas though, so please don’t expect those prices.

And if you ordered a Bearicature, please make sure to reply to the email you were sent and attach a photo.  I have been trying to reply to most of them to confirm I got them.  If you get any doubts feel free to check, I did miss a couple orders with the Christmas orders and if people had asked earlier I would have gotten them their stuff on time.  This is a little different.  It will be a week or two before I start drawing any of the pages with “extras” on them and months before they post.  So be patient, your time will come.

Also, if you didn’t order a Bearicature because the good ones are sold out, order a bystander and just let me know in your message that you want to upgrade if one becomes available and I’ll put you on a waiting list.  Bystanders are the positions I have the most of and I have sold the fewest of!

If you haven’t clicked “like” or shared Bearmageddon with friends recently, please take a moment to do so.  I was looking at traffic and it’s not bad, but the number of new visits is starting to get lower.  I know there’s more Bearmofos out there who would be excited to read this comic, they just need to find out about it.  Of course you guys are the OGBs (Original Gangsta Bearmofos).

Alright, I feel like that was a lot of talk about money and traffic and numbers.  I need to write a real blog.  Maybe next time.  Today was all business!


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