It terrifies me because it feels like I just drew this page yesterday and it is already up.  I’m back working on Axe Cop again right now and every time I work on something non-Bearmageddon I watch the comic catch up to me and it freaks me out.  The other thing that freaks me out is the amount of Bearicature orders I got.  I had to shut them all down except for the bystander level.  I’m going to be drawing a lot your mugs!

It is exhausting and thrilling to be pumping out so much work.  I think I have produced more comics in the last two years than I had in my entire life before that.  The biggest struggle I had creatively as an aspiring creator was actually coming up with a comic to draw.  I wanted to draw lots of comics, but I just didn’t have a solid idea.  When I would try to write them I would get stumped.  I would labor over the character designs, the scripts, every detail and never be satisfied enough to start drawing panels.  It amazes me how fast that changed.  One day I just started pumping comics out.  Part of it was demand, part of it was probably not only a growth in my own abilities, but also that I let go of trying to make the ultimate project and just started making stuff as much as possible.  The only way to make the ultimate project is, most likely, to make a bunch of non-ultimate projects first.  If you realize that the pressure is off.

So just make something already!

See you Wednesday.

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