Ken is largely based, at least in his personality, on an old boss of mine. He ran the place like it was his kingdom, even though it was a little restaurant and most of his employees were kids working their first minimum wage job and would likely move onto much bigger and better things. Most of his employees didn’t like him, but there was a part of him that loved every one of his employees. Because for him, that job was like being president, and we were all his soldiers. It was his whole world. It was a lilly pad for us, but for him it was the pond. So he took it very seriously, but managed to have a sense of humor. His sense of humor always had a tinge of stress behind it and any joke was always followed by “get to work”.  I write Ken thinking of that guy, and there is a certain level of nostalgia I have for that job. I’d say what it was, but I never want him to read this and think I was talking bad about him. Like many bosses of this type, he was also rather sensitive.

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